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The Sensory Box
By Evolve Montessori

A Monthly Sensory Kit Subscription Box Delivered Directly To You!

A curated sensory kit designed by a Montessori Teacher & Mother. It is made with child development in mind and ready to add to your sensory bin.

Your kits will arrive at the beginning of every month. 

All you have to do is follow the simple included instructions and watch your child engage in hours of sensory fun!

3-month subscription is $65 a month ($195) delivery included (Use the code: Sensory for the free subscription delivery)

With the 3-Month Subscription you will receive priority over other orders. You won’t have to worry about the boxes selling out as yours is already guaranteed

Want to try us out first?

Grab an individual box today!

Why Sensory Actitivies?

Sensory Activities are the perfect option for your child to develop those essential early skills through play.

When your child engages multiple senses at once they are using different parts of their brain at the same time, resulting in a deeper learning experience and engagement session.

When playing with and exploring the Evolve Montessori Sensory Activities your child is  consistently building and refining their fine-motor skills and pincer grasp which are essential preparations for future pencil and writing skills.  On top of that, they are developing hand-eye coordination, logic and concentration skills through PLAY!

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